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Sword of Memory - by Mike Shultz

sword cover

This is the cover of the German version of "Sword of Memory", which published in Germany in September 2010.

Knife is cruel, violent, vulgar... and his people's only hope against the unstoppable demonspawn raiders. His people believe that he is the Chosen One, destined to defeat the demonspawn commander and end their reign of terror forever. Because of his revered status, the people let Knife do whatever he wants, and the things he does are terrible.

Ankmet is a foreign refugee, hired by a warrior to teach his weapon-crafters how to make composite bows. All is well until he stumbles upon Emerald, one of his students, about to be raped by Knife. If Ankmet intervenes, the much-stronger Knife will probably overpower him and rape her anyway, but he cannot bring himself to leave her. Although brutalized, he fights with a tenacity that surprises Knife and stops the rape. But Ankmet has started a conflict that can't end until one of them dies. Can he become a warrior, defend himself and Emerald, and convince the people that they can't accept a savior like Knife?

After the attempted rape, Knife continues to harass Emerald. She decides to spy on him, hoping to catch him in the one crime that will ruin him--breaking the warrior code. In the process, she discovers that Knife has learned to communicate with a captive demonspawn. The demonspawn takes special interest in her, and tells her that she is the true Chosen One, not Knife. Will she seek her promised place as queen of the demonspawn, or forge a course of her own?

September 2010:

Double release date! Sword of Memory just released in Germany ("Das Schwert der Erinnerung") and in the Netherlands ("Duivelswerk"). Both covers look fantastic. If you're from across the pond, I hope you'll read the book if you're considering it, and if you've already read it, thanks! As soon as there is an active link for my blog on the main page, take a look. Blog topics will include points of interest from my historical research for the novel, tidbits about the writing process, and a random thought or two.

October 2009:

This summer, I finally started looking for an agent. With thanks to Carsten Polzin, the editor who will be publishing "Sword of Memory" in Germany, I am now fortunate to be represented by Danny Baror. Danny has been in the business for 30 years and knows what he is doing. Unlike most agents, he personally handles--and excels at--foreign sales, so hopefully I will be purchased in other countries as well. Many authors will tell you that they get more income from foreign sales than domestic. Of course, I still want my novel published in the States!

May 2009:

Piper Verlag, a German publisher, has purchased my fantasy novel, "Sword of Memory", and will translate it and publish it in German in 2010.

Over a year ago, the fantasy editorial director at Piper Verlag read my story, "The Capacity to Appear Mindless" in a magazine. He liked it, googled me, found my website, read the description of my novel-in-progress, and emailed me about it. He knew it wasn't a final draft, so when I was finished (except for a few language edits that won't matter for a translated work) I sent it to him again.

He made me an offer.

Being no fool, I accepted it.

I am now in the final phase of editing. As soon as I'm finished, I'll send the finalized version to Piper Verlag and start looking for an agent in the U.S.

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