The Newsletter

WHAT IS IT? My newsletter is just a group email list that I use to update fans, family, friends, enemies, pets, etc. about writing-related stuff. I only send it out when there's something worth telling you, such as...

- When I sell a story
- When a story/magazine issue is about to hit the bookstore
- Some bright, distant day when I publish a novel
- When a (good) review of one of my stories appears on the internet

I will not vex, harass, bother, annoy, irritate, henpeck, exasperate, aggravate, or hassle you with constant messages, and if you want off the list, just email me. But I know that what you really want is to get on the list...

HOW TO GET IN ON THE ACTION: Click here to sign up for my newsletter! Just say "sign me up" in the email that appears. Thanks to all those who have signed up so far!

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