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The Thrall
In a world where most people possess the power to Thrall others into submission with their voices, a girl who lacks this power is her people's last hope.

Published in Black Gate
A defenseless girl is trapped in a cave-in with an insane sorcerer who wants her to do just one thing before he dies--touch him.

Sold to Black Gate
Old As Books
An aging librarian in a magical library provokes the ire of his boss, who is also his son, as he struggles to accept the fact that he can no longer adequately perform his job.

Sold to F&SF
The Capacity To Appear Mindless
A math teacher in a school of goblins clashes with his dismemberment-prone principal over the issue of how to treat the strange new "humans" in his class.

Sold to F&SF
Refried Cliches: A 5-Course Meal
Stymied genies, quantum castrations, steamed rutabagas, compliant succubi, and helicopter blades.

Sold to F&SF
As the Stars of the Sky
A stranded astronaut is rescued by an entity of truly alien nature and learns that it has mind-staggering plans for him… and his offspring.

Published in Leading Edge.
Let Freedom Rot
moronic adventurer rises to god-like power when his even stupider companions use him as a Guinea pig to test a very magical ring.

Published in Anotherealm
The Sun His Right Eye, The Moon His Left
A boy from the ghetto struggles with the consequences of his mother's protective magic: a bizarre array of face piercings.
Teeth of Justice
A sentient canine spins a frightening tale of revenge in order to flush out his quarry, the father of a boy who tormented an innocent mutt.
Electric Chair
A convicted man sits in an electric chair talking to a Styrofoam cup and a splotch on the rug (among other things) as he awaits the Man Who Flicks the Switch.
A jobless man's next-door neighbors pay him $5000 to let their son kill him.
Polygamy of the Mind
A man fears that two different but identical-looking women are taking turns as his wife.
Wrath of the Gods of Basketball
At first, when a mediocre pro-basketball player gets on a perfect shooting streak, everything seems great. Then, as the streak continues and records are shattered, people get mad.
The Boneyard
The survivors of an interstellar war have been stranded for years on a junkyard planet full of derelict ships. But when Sol’s girlfriend gets pregnant, she hints that she would rather have an abortion than raise the child in such a dangerous situation, and Sol risks everything to get them off of the planet.
Casting Out Demons
A village leader tries to convince her people that her uncle's new supernatural powers have corrupted him, and will corrupt them as well. Based on a dream.
The Equation
A scientist must formulate the missing portion of an alien equation designed to save the earth from a massive population crash.
Prize at the End of Time
When the last two men on earth kill each other in a fight for the legendary "Prize", their androids decide to take the Prize for themselves.