Fantastic (and Famous) Authors

David Brin
Orson Scott Card
Robin Hobb
George R.R. Martin
Stephen King
Roger Zelazny
Fred Saberhagen
Robert Asprin
J.R.R. Tolkien

Fantastic (and Soon-To-Be Famous) Authors

David Walton is the author of numerous published stories, including 2 in Analog. He won the Philip K. Dick Award in 2009.
Matt Heppe recently finished his first fantasy novel, Eternal Knight. He's sending it out to agents soon.
Scott M. Roberts has published in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show as well as Writers of the Future XXI.
Brad Beaulieu a Writers of the Future winner and the author of "In the Eyes of the Empress's Cat."
Helena Bell writes speculative fiction and poetry, which can be found in publications like Strange Horizons and Strong Verse. Her blog can be found here.
Tobias Buckell is a Writers of the Future winner and the author of Crystal Rain.
Nadia Cornier is the president of Cornier & Associates and a literary agent for the Creative Media Agency.  Here is her blog.
Ian Creasey is the author of numerous short stories appearing in Asimov's, Oceans of the Mind and elsewhere.
Nancy Fulda is a Phobos winner whose blog is here.
Elaine Isaak is the author of "Winning the Gallows Field" and the upcoming The Singer's Crown.
William Katz is a Writers of the Future grand prize winner and the founder of Writertopia.
Alethea Kontis is the author of The Telaphab, due out from Candlewick Press in 2006, and co-editor of the Tor anthology Elemental, proceeds from which benefit Tsunami victims.
Mary Robinette Kowal is a writer and puppeteer whose blog can be found here.
James Maxey is a multiple Phobos winner and the author of Nobody Gets The Girl.
Joe Murphy has published in Realms of Fantasy.
Rick Novy has a background in physics. His stories appear in publications like Alien Skin and Planet Magazine.
Tom Pendergrass is a Writers of the Future winner and a former intelligence officer and terrorism expert.
You can read Jenny Rae Rappaport's blog here.
Joy Remy is a Writers of the Future winner and the author of "Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter."
Luc Reid is a Writers of the Future winner and the author of "A Ship That Bends."
Gray Rinehart is an Air Force officer with delusions of writing, still searching for his first fiction sale.
Diana Rowland's story "Extant" appears in the anthology The Age of Reason: Stories for a New Millenium and was an honorable mention in The Year's Best SF 17. Her blog is here.
Steve Savile is the author of Angel Road and Houdini's Last Illusion.
Lawrence Schoen is the author of over 40 published short stories.
Eric James Stone is a Writers of the Future and a Phobos winner and has published in Analog.
Mike Shultz is an amazing author, but you already knew that because you're on his website.
Jason D. Wittman is the author of "On Bookstores, Burners, and Origami", published on the SciFiction website.